It’s True

Bright Spark Media Collective is a group of innovative, motivated creative thinkers who operate with the sole purpose of creating positive change in the world through video and audio storytelling.


Kimberly Culotta is a professional cinematographer and filmmaker who has filmed 6 feature films, and numerous commercials, documentaries, reality shows and music videos. She graduated from the American Film Institute’s prestigious Cinematography program, and has worked in lighting and camera for 8 years. She works locally in Los Angeles, New York and New Orleans, but she has worked on productions in Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Haiti, London, West Virginia, Cape Cod, and Austin, TX. She brings a range of experience from full-scale production with large crews and equipment to run and gun Documentary and Reality shooting. She believes in the power of media and youth having access to creating their own media.


Meriah Miracle has worked in media for 16 years and brings a positive, professional attitude to every job she takes on. She has experience in film, publishing, live event production, broadcast news, and all aspects of video production from concept to completion. In her free time, Meriah enjoys watching every non-porn movie ever made, reading every non-YA novel ever written and exploring new places in Humboldt County.


Laura has been an entrepreneur since her first endeavor in high school. That first business was Out-to-Lunch Enterprises, a delivery service for a Graphic Design firm in Los Angeles, CA. She went on to be a freelance graphic design layout artist, before moving to Humboldt County in 1980 to attend Humboldt State University. She founded Creative Type Productions in 1990, a one woman shop for graphic design, specializing in book production. She continued working through 3 children’s growth and when they turned into teenagers, decided that the whole family should start a business. NuGames was a family work project that all three of Laura’s children ran and worked at during high school. The graphic design business turned into marketing and videography work.
Laura has worked in local television, live-stream events, film and producing major events. She produces a monthly Improv comedy show – Random Acts of Comedy; has produced/curated TEDxYouth@HumboldtBay and TEDxHumboldtBay.
“I love to create, I love to image something and then make it happen – something from nothing, it is pure magic!”


Gina Montagna graduated with a degree in Technocultural studies from UC Davis. She has constantly been asked what she wants to do with her life and her unwavering response has been, “I want to make things”. She is interested in Photography, Film Production, Animation, Web Design, the YouTube Vlogging movement, and the world of DIY. She plans to make connections for BrightSpark Media Collective in Portland, Oregon and devote her time to creating works of art that challenge people’s perspectives of the world and make people want to engage with and shape their surroundings.


Daniel Barney has been a frustrated artist and musician for much of his life. His current life situation finds him making music, hanging with his sons and bursting at the seams to create. He is a word-smith, poet of epic proportions and talented musician. These traits coupled with his passion for justice and making the world a better place make Dan the team cheerleader, and chief motivator.